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makarajyothi Makara Sankrama day is the most important day for Sabarimala temple and Lord Ayyappa. The day when Dakshinaya days give way to Utharayana days. It is believed that Parasurama maharshi consecrated Sastha temple at Sabarimala on Makara Sankrama day. Devendran and Narada muni blessed the occasion by lighting golden flame in Ponnambala Medu. When Sri Ayyappan reached the forest, the Bhoothaganagal welcomed him and took him to the mountain peak where the hermits made a golden temple. They seated him on a diamond throne and made all poojas. This ritual was done on Makara Sankrama day at “Ponnambala medu”. During the ritual, the body of Sri Ayyappa emits golden light illuminating the entire “Ponnambala medu”. King of Pandalam reconstructed the Sastha temple based on the direction from Lord Ayyappa on Makara samkrama day It is believed that Lord Ayyappa left his physical body at the mani mandapam on Makara Sankrama day and united with Dharma Sastha deity. The procession from the Mani mandapam to the 18 steps with all lamps called Velaku is the ritual related to the merger of Lord Ayyappa with lord Dharma sasthav. Makara Sankrama day has rituals related to all these events.