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Sastha temples and Lord Ayyappa

sastha Sabarimala Dharmasasthav temple is believed to be consecrated by Parasurama Maharshi. According to legends, Parasurama Maharshi hurled his axe into sea and water is said to have withdrawn till the spot where it fell. After creating this land, Parasurama Maharshi built Dharmasasthav temple in the high ranges of the forest to protect the land. The consecration of Dharmasasthav deity was done on Makarasamkrama day. Devendran and Narada Muni blessed the occasion by lighting the golden flame in Ponnambalamedu. The spirit of Lord Ayyappa merged with Dharmasasthav deity to protect the land. The temple was rebuitl and maintained by King of Pandalam from the time of the incarnation of Dharmasasthav as Sri Ayyappan. When Travancore was formed, the powers and properties of Pandalam kingdom moved to Travancore and the temple is now administered by Travancore Devaswom Board.